Why is digital publishing the future?

BG Publishing’s areas of expertise

BG Publishers has a expertise in a wide range of digital publishing services. We can assist with the whole publishing workflow: from authoring content to publishing it online. We have skills in web design and web development for WordPress, Drupal and Sitecore. BG Publishers specialises in producing web accessible WCAG2.0 compliant HTML pages, from your print-ready PDFs and print publications.
We are experts in ePUB production for your iPad, smartphones and Android devices.

Add to these our knowledge and understanding of traditional print production and publishing – and you have access to a formidable digital publishing service.

BG Publishers will help you edit, design, index, print and table your Government Department’s Annual Report. As digital specialists, we will deliver web accessible publications.

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BG Publishers are ebook digital specialists. We produce HTML and PDF for the web; ePub for iPad and iTunes, and Mobi for Kindle. If you need your documents digitised then you need to talk to us!

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As digital specialists we can advise and provide training. We deliver short courses on digital publications, ePub and iBooks. We specialise in multi-channel publishing to iBooks and Kindle.

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Publishing Workflow


We help you

We help users find your content:

Search engines love web pages (HTML). They regularly harvest fresh new content (as opposed to PDFs) and display it more prominently in search returns.

This means that your users can access your interesting and relevant content as and when you publish it.

We help increase your readership:

Our research has shown that users access HTML content three times as much as PDF content.

Imagine that: for every 100 views of your PDF files, there are 300 users who are reading your HTML content.

We help make your content fully web accessible and WCAG2.0 compliant:

PDFs are great: they provide snapshots of your content; they maintain the integrity of your page layout and design; printers use them to print your books. But they are not always great for screen readers if they have not been built appropriately.

We can make your PDFs web accessible and we provide you with web accessible HTML documents.

This means that you’ll be fully compliant with WCAG2.0 in time for the AGIMO deadline of December 2014.

We can provide

Multiple formats from Print or PDF originals.

We can work with you to create multiple formats, i.e. HTML, PDF, ePUB or Mobi – either as part of the original publishing process or by converting your legacy paper publications.

Imagine if all your content was easily available to all the world?

We can help with the different stages, i.e. convert from your existing, high end, print PDFs, or integrate alternative digital formats into your workflow.

Formats that suit multiple platforms:

It’s more than likely that your users will be using multiple devices to access your content, i.e. websites, iPhone, iPad, Android – and a variety of other screens and situations.

By publishing in HTML and ePUB, you can output your publications to different devices so that your users access the content in different ways.

WCAG2.0 accessible HTML and PDF content.

It makes good business sense to produce content that is accessible to all.

We can work with you to ensure the web accessibility of your online publications, whether in HTML or PDF.

And publishing in ePUB makes good sense if your users want to access your content on their iPad or other tablets that have built in accessibility.

We will advise

Which format suits your market.

Are your users desk bound? Or do they access your content using an iPad or other mobile device?

Knowing your user preferences can influence the way you produce your content: HTML and PDFs are great for web delivery; ePUB is best for iPad and iTunes, and Mobi works well on Kindle.

We can advise you how to tackle these choices.

How to manage complex content such as tables or graphs.

Content delivered as tables or graphs is good: colourful and visual. But what if that doesn’t work for users who cannot distinguish colours? Or users who rely on screen readers?

We can help by converting complex tables to content that is web accessible.

And we can add text alternatives that make even the most complex tables or graphs better understood by all users.

How to market your publication using social media and online retail outlets.

Okay, we know not everyone likes or uses Facebook, but it’s clear that more than 950 million do. So how is your content going to reach them? What is your social media strategy?

Have you considered making your content available free of charge through iTunes?

Or how about publishing images in Flickr and Pinterest?

We can help with passive sharing that brings your content to many more and different users.

How to display your publications on your website.

Aren’t lists of titles dull and boring? How about improving your content display just by adding a little structure to your pages?

We can help make your information more appealing and interesting, which in turn attracts more users.