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eBooks by BG Publishers

BG Publishers specialise in alternative digital formats from print publications

We produce your print Annual Report, Signature Report, print publications, marketing or promotional brochures and out-of-print publications in the following formats:

  • HyperText Markup Language (HTML) for web pages
  • ePub for iPad/iPhone and Adnroid
  • Mobi for Kindle
  • Web accessible PDF
  • Word RTF

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Don’t understand the options? We’ve prepared this table just for you!

Publication HTML
Suitable for all web-based publishing, ie. WCAG2.0 compliant web pages.
Suitable in some cases as an additional web-accessible format.
The digital publishing standard for tablets and smartphones.
The digital standard for Amazon Kindle.
Word RTF
Suitable for very basic publishing requirements.
Print-ready PDF
e.g. Annual Report, Signature Report, any publication
Yes Yes Yes
InDesign Files
e.g. Annual Report, Signature Report, any publication
Yes Yes Yes
eg. any publication, brochure, flyers, newsletters.
Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft Word
eg. report or article.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Print Document
ie. not yet in digital format, out of print journals, publications, reports.
Yes Yes Yes

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WCAG2.0 compliant HTML Import

In this video, Dr Jason Guo describes the BG Publishers production process for WCAG2.0 compliant HTML. If you want to ensure your web publications are web accessible and WCAG2.0 compliant, this is the technology for you.

Jason demonstrates how to convert a Word or PDF document into WCAG2.0 compliant HTML.

He highlights some examples of the automated WCAG2.0 features:

  • assign table IDs and headers to complex data tables.
  • link footnotes to body texts so users can toggle between the footnote and its text origin.

This automated and innovative ‘HTML Import’ is a freely available Drupal plugin. Please contact us for more information.