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About eight years ago, when I was working at the National Library of Australia, I had the opportunity to visit Vision Australia. We were user testing the Newspapers website and I went to observe a blind person navigate their way through a few set tasks.

Our user was an experienced online researcher. […]

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Olixar bluetooth speakers make music memories

Olixar bluetooth speakers
I think most of us associate memories with music. How can I forget Leonard Cohen’s plaintive Suzanne in the seventies, keeping me company on lonely nights? Or anything by Van Morrison, crooning love and dancing in the moonlight?

I remember listening with my transistor pressed to my ear, wishing I was crossing that Bridge Over […]

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Tim tests the Mac Large Print Keyboard

Is your vision a bit low? Try the Mac Large Print Keyboard.
My life is divided into three low vision experiences. The first was from the age of five years to 20 years when I wore thick glasses. In those days as a teenager, it was embarrassing to wear specs. Remember the saying, ‘Guys don’t make passes […]

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Kitsound Peruvian Audio Beanie

Canberra is cold in winter. Most June mornings we’ve woken to temperatures well below zero. That makes walking the dog not much fun. I have to rug up with layers, coat, gloves and a beanie just to get out of the door. And walking at 6.00 am can be a bit dull as it’s still […]

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Playbulb digital candles – Teddy lights up on Australia Day

It’s Australia Day and I thought I’d see where the local teddies are at. I took a walk down the garden path where I found them bearing up around a few cups of tea.

“What are you doing this morning, Teddy?”

“I’m having Australia Day tea with my mates – I thought it would be clear.”

“Sorry to […]

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Brock demos how he Held Tite onto his iPad

Hang on with Held Tite
I enjoy using my iPad when I give presentations. But sometimes it’s challenging to hold the iPad, toggle between applications and manage the data projection. So coming across Held Tite seems to solve some of these issues. I now find it easier to hold my iPad using this clever little attachment.

I […]

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We talk to Teddy about Avantree headphones

I catch up with Teddy (all famous people have only one name, he tells me):
Bobby: Hi Teddy, I see you’re a keen iPad user?

Teddy: I love my iPad; it keeps me in touch with my fans. I manage my events with it. Have you heard of the Giant Teddy Bears Picnic?

Bobby: I have. I’d love to […]

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From a Tabcoosh to a LapDesk

iPad is a terrific tablet: you can fit it into your handbag; use it at the office, on the plane, train and boat; Skype your pals, check your Facebook, tweet to the world. But holding an iPad and reading it for leisure sometimes needs a little support.

I bought my first Tabcoosh about three years ago […]

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Stylus for iPad drawing and sketching

Drawing and sketching with a Stylus for iPad
I’m not a Picasso, but I do like to draw a little. These days I draw on my iPad using Draw Free. I have played Draw Some, which is a fun way to share drawings online. I have a few other drawing apps on my iPad: Layers Pro, […]

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Best Core Magic Boost for best sounds

My kitchen is an iPad landing platform: chargers, plugs and power cords – so why not add some sounds?

My newest iPad appliance is a Best Core Magic Boost. This elegant white stand amplifies my iPad so that I can play music in the kitchen while I empty the dishwasher and chop the vegetables.

My Magic Boost […]

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