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About eight years ago, when I was working at the National Library of Australia, I had the opportunity to visit Vision Australia. We were user testing the Newspapers website and I went to observe a blind person navigate their way through a few set tasks.

Our user was an experienced online researcher. […]

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Olixar bluetooth speakers make music memories

Olixar bluetooth speakers
I think most of us associate memories with music. How can I forget Leonard Cohen’s plaintive Suzanne in the seventies, keeping me company on lonely nights? Or anything by Van Morrison, crooning love and dancing in the moonlight?

I remember listening with my transistor pressed to my ear, wishing I was crossing that Bridge Over […]

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How to be a Digital Editor – presentation to the Canberra Society of Editors

Thanks to the Canberra Society of Editors for this review:
Being an editor in a digital world
Well, that certainly sent a few CSE members home ponderin’ and weighin’! I’m talking about Bobby Graham’s thought-provoking presentation at our June general meeting about the editor’s role in producing digital content for websites, mobile phones and tablets.

The usual number […]

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Tim tests the Mac Large Print Keyboard

Is your vision a bit low? Try the Mac Large Print Keyboard.
My life is divided into three low vision experiences. The first was from the age of five years to 20 years when I wore thick glasses. In those days as a teenager, it was embarrassing to wear specs. Remember the saying, ‘Guys don’t make passes […]

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Kitsound Peruvian Audio Beanie

Canberra is cold in winter. Most June mornings we’ve woken to temperatures well below zero. That makes walking the dog not much fun. I have to rug up with layers, coat, gloves and a beanie just to get out of the door. And walking at 6.00 am can be a bit dull as it’s still […]

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Editing in the digital age

The Interim Digital Transformation Office has put forward the notion of ‘Chief Editors’ in the public service.
I like the suggestion as it coincides with a talk I’m giving to the Canberra Society of Editors on what it means to be an editor in the digital age. How has editing changed over the past few […]

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Bibi tests Gumdrop for iPad

With the new Gumdrop rugged protective case for iPad, I’m never again going to be able to use the excuse, ‘My dog ate my homework’.

I thought this hardy, rubberised protection capsule wouldn’t suit my needs, but I was pleasantly surprised. The tyre-like toughened backing feels good to hold and the screen protector allows me to […]

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It’s a digital world: write, edit, index

Over the past decade, print publications have been published online as PDF. While I like PDF for various reasons, it doesn’t provide the most readable content, particularly on my iPhone.

I work with clients to convert these print-ready PDFs into alternative digital formats: HTML for web pages and ePUB for iOS and Android.

Digital first
This retrofitting process […]

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#fashfest at #CBR

Its fun to fashion from time to time. Last Friday evening Bridget and I went to #fashfest, Canberra’s premier fashion show.

It was catwalking, colours and clothes – all the way. We had prime seats in the second row – after posing for our celebrity shot in front of the media wall.

The audience was young, old […]

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We will remember them: Canberra’s war memorials

Our city is the location of memorials of several kinds. We have memorials dedicated to Canberrans who have served and died . . . These memorials reflect a common human desire to remember the past, and to commemorate war’s effects, in deaths and in other sacrifices. This book offers a superb opportunity to learn more […]

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