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We can help by producing your content easily, cost effectively, efficiently and sustainably.

“People want to write, produce and prepare their curated content, publish it online and in print, and then promote it.”




Produce easily

We will:
Advise the best way to produce your publications
Advise on single source publishing process
Provide the full range of web accessible file formats
Enhance your audio content

Prepare efficiently

We will:
Advise on structured documents
Create responsive content for web, mobile and tablets
Output to web CMS, Amazon Kindle and iTunes
Meet WCAG2.0 requirements for PDF, Word and HTML

Publish sustainably

We will:
Think and deliver digital first
Publish for digital plus print
Consider the most effective publishing outputs
Make content readable, findable and accessible

Promote digitally and cost effectively

We will:
Advise on metadata for search engine optimisation
Plan a communication strategy
Advise on social media
Help with your digital marketing campaign

“Proudly Canberran”


Meet the


Bobby Graham


Bobby Graham

Bobby is an experienced digital publisher. Her business passion is digital publications, marketing and communication. She thrives on user experience, digital trends and technologies.

Bobby holds a Masters in eBusiness and a Bachelor of Arts in English and History.

Brock Johnston

Digital Communications

Brock Johnston

Brock Johnston utilises expertise in digital communications including professional photography, graphic design, responsive web design and much more.

Brock holds a degree in Design & Technology.

From Trish Smith, author of Love your work.

‘I met Bobby quite serendipitously, when she interviewed me for an article she was writing for her travel blog (I have an online travel goods business). I was thrilled to learn that she is also a publisher and producer, because I had a manuscript for a novel that I wanted to turn into an ebook. I had tried to navigate the world of ebook production myself, without success, and so it was quite a relief to hand the project over to Bobby, who knew exactly what to do. She was generous with her time and advice, and available at all hours to answer my many questions! Over several weeks and with the help of her excellent graphic designer, we worked on the final version, and she presented me with everything I need to self-publish an ebook, and also to one day order my book in print. I strongly recommend Bobby Graham Publishers; Bobby is a delight to work with, she is extremely knowledgeable about book production and publishing, and she is a very safe pair of hands for your precious manuscript!’

From Roslyn Russell, UNESCO Australian Memory of the World Committee

‘The UNESCO Australian Memory of the World Committee is delighted with the digital versions of our 2015 print publication, The Australian Register: UNESCO Memory of the World Program, produced by Bobby Graham Publishers. The digital version is accessible on our website – www.amw.org.au/e-book – in downloadable PDF and iTunes versions. These digital versions make our book featuring the first 50 inscriptions on the UNESCO Australian Memory of the World Register, along with contextualising thematic essays, accessible to a worldwide audience. Thank you, Bobby and Jason, for your excellent work on our publication.’

From George Rosisnanyi and Mat Knobel, Typeyard Design

‘Typeyard Design & Advertising have worked with BG Publishers on many projects, including clients such the Australian Cultural Orientation Program and the Australian Trade Commission.
‘The attention to detail is second to none. Their technical expertise, coupled with their ability to add extra value to projects exceeds expectations. One particular project required an annual report conversion, to which all items on the brief were met spot on – and way before deadline. The team also suggested and implemented enhanced navigational features which made the user experience all the more engaging. Always a pleasure to deal with and we look forward to working with them again soon.’



Government agencies
Cultural institutions
Design studios
Private sector clients



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